Smaller Bathrooms Mean Smarter Thinking

A THOUGHTFUL approach to design, function and finishes can make small bathrooms smarter bathrooms, the keys are in planning, practicality, usability and design. BATS Bathroom & Tiling Specialists are the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast experts in maximising space in small bathroom renovations whether they be in houses, apartments or units.

Planning Smaller Bathrooms

WE UNDERSTAND the need for the intelligent use of space and high attention to detail needed when it comes to designing and creating smaller bathrooms. Our expert team of registered building practitioners have over 15 years experience of working with in renovation projects of all types. Here are a few tips to consider before you settle on a design:

  • Think about lighting: lighting is a key to making a small space feel larger than it is. This can be done by the installation of new windows, skylights or LED lighting.
  • Consider a floating vanity: a vanity that connects only to the wall instantly gives an open feel and also provides options for storage.
  • Taking about storage: use dead space for storage where ever you can. You can never have too much storage space.
  • Use mirrors creatively: mirrors not only reflect light, they give an illusion of space.
  • Choose large tiles / pattens: Large tiles and clean lines can provide an feeling of spaciousness.
  • Select fixtures with round edges: sharp edges can seem dramatic, but curves give continuity and are safer in small spaces.

There is a lot to think about when designing for a small space and it can be useful to get some expert advice. At Your Bathroom & Tiling Specialists we’ll help you from concept to completion and we’ll take all the time needed so that you get the small bathroom renovation that suits you exactly.

If you’re renovating a small space give us a call, we’ll be happy to give you advice, an obligation free quote and help you achieve the right outcome.

“I used Dave & BATS Bathroom & Tiling Specialists recently to renovate my bathroom. The team did an excellent job, they fitted into a tight timeframe and their ideas were great. The company is professional, and the guys hard-working I would recommend BATS Bathrooms to anybody looking to renovate a bathroom.”

Jamie Moore


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