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Small Bathroom Renovations

Small bathroom renovations can seem a challenge and a difficult design task to take on, but, rather than looking at your small bathroom as a negative, think of it as the perfect opportunity to feature certain aspects of the room. There are plenty of ways to make an impact in a small bathroom renovation. Because the room is small it’s important that every element should have a purpose and be functional and space saving while providing the everyday usability you and your family need.

You might not think that small bathroom renovations need as much planning as large renovations, but actually that’s not the case at all. In fact, small bathroom renovations need more thought and design than larger rooms as quite often the same amount of fixtures, fittings and amenities need to be fitted, yet the space is smaller.

In many cases, the floor plan is a given and it makes the most sense to keep these three services where they are for the sake of cost effectiveness which make the creative design and planning are the keys to functional small bathrooms.

Ideas for Small Bathroom Renovations

Here are a few ideas that can help transform a small 1970’s apartment or house bathroom into a functional modern wet area:

  • Be functional: when space is limited as if often the case in a small bathroom renovation, try to make sure that everything you pick for your new room is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Clutter really stands out in small rooms so don’t add anything that doesn’t serve a purpose in your new bathroom.
  • Add storage where you can: floating shelves add storage in a fashionable way and don’t take up nearly as much space as cupboards. Wooden crates also provide useful storage space and can be stacked to minimise their visual impact.small bathroom renovations
  • Choose your colours carefully: in small bathroom renovations colours are crucial to giving a feeling of space.
    Neutral colours make the room feel calm and aesthetically pleasing, when used with a combination of patterns and selective colour as sense of depth is added to the room.
    Some of the most striking small bathroom renovations we have carried out have feature neutral wall tiles and patterned, coloured floor tiles. These give the room a pop of colour without being busy or overbearing.
  • Lighting: choose lighting that accentuates the highlights in the bathroom. In addition recessed lighting gives a feeling of space.
  • Choose accessories that give a designer touch: giving thought to small items like taps, as shower rose, a shampoo niche in the shower wall can make a strong visual impact.
  • Shower screen: the days of fully framed shower screens are long gone and most modern bathrooms are fitted with semi-frameless shower screens which are visually pleasing while at the same time easy to clean. In a small bathroom renovation, it’s worth thinking about installing a fully frameless shower screen as these tend to open up a smaller bathroom. The big gain here isn’t space, but the shower will seem to disappear, making the bathroom appear much larger.


BATS Bathrooms small bathroom renovations

At BATS we specialise in small bathroom renovations and we’re happy to help you plan and design the best possible solutions for your renovation. Because we’re based in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast we have plenty of experiencing in renovation bathrooms in inner-city apartments, holiday units and older Queensland homes where space can be an issue.

We’ll help you through every stage of the process making ensuring that you project gets the attention it deserves, and because our tradespeople are employees not contractors all of the work will be carried out to our exacting standards.

If you have a bathroom renovation planned we’d love to help turn your dream into reality. Call BATS Bathrooms on 07 3275 7314 or email us at


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