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What to Consider When Renovating Bathrooms

At BATS Bathrooms we believe that prior planning is the key to good bathroom renovation so we’ve put together a list of things you should think about before starting your bathroom renovation. We’ve included some bathroom renovation tips that we’ve picked up in our more than15 years of providing our customers with quality bathrooms together and also a checklist you can follow to ensure that your bathroom renovation is everything you want it to be.

What to consider before you start your renovation

Before embarking on a bathroom renovation the first thing to think about is; what is wrong with your current bathroom.

What’s wrong with your existing bathroom?

If you have a water leak or missing tiles the answer to this is simple and the repairs and renovations are more urgent. However if you’re renovating because you need to “facelift” or modernise it’s important to consider what elements of the bathroom you want to improve. For example, your current bathroom –

  • may be too small and cramped or;
  • poorly ventilated and damp
  • there may not be enough storage space or the vanities and cupboards may be dated, or
  • the shower is may be confined and over the bath which is quite common in older homes.
  • it may be that circumstance have changed and you need a bathroom which caters for someone with limited mobility.

Whatever the reasons for the renovation, these must be identified to ensure that your new bathroom meets all of your current and future needs.

What do you need in your new bathroom?

The second consideration is to clearly identify what you want out of your new bathroom as this gives a framework for companies like BATS Bathrooms to help you design a bathroom that meets your needs perfectly. Some examples of ‘bathroom wants” our clients have told us over the years include:

  • lots of natural light
  • separate vanities and basins
  • dual shower heads
  • large “wet areas’ incorporating both bath and shower
  • a toilet seperate from the bathroom
  • lots of storage
  • separating the shower and the bath
  • shower wall niche and recessed wall storage units
  • feature lightning
  • incorporating handrails in the shower, bath or toilet areas
  • dual-function rail shower with a handheld showerhead and overhead rain shower

What is a realistic timeframe for bathroom renovation?

Planning a bathroom renovation usually takes between 3 – 5 weeks which includes site visits by BATS Bathrooms experienced staff to inspect the existing bathroom, discuss your needs and prepare a quote. Once you are happy with the BATS Bathrooms fixed price quote you will choose the tiles an fixtures and fittings for your bathroom. These include vanities, taps, shower and tap fittings, lighting and anything else that is needed. Remember though that custom joinery can take longer to source.

Depending on the size of the renovation the construction stage typically takes 10 – 14 working day. This allows for 1-2 days for demolition, 7-10 days for construction including tiling, electrical and plumbing works, and a day to clean the bathroom when the renovation is completed.

Because BATS Bathrooms staff are all trade qualified employees and and not subcontractors, no time is lost waiting for tradesmen to come to site. During the construction process you’ll aways have access to your BATS Bathrooms supervisor who will answer any questions you have and solve any problems that may come up during the construction process.


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