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When you look at planning your bathroom renovation, the biggest worry most clients have is how much it’s going to cost. In 2023, average-sized bathroom renovation costs are between $15,000 to $40,000, the average being $20,000 for materials, labour, and fittings.

While it can be a costly undertaking, it is one of the most used rooms in a home, which makes it a worthwhile project to undertake. When you think about how much it will add to the value of your home when you sell it, the initial cost seems less scary and more like a good investment.


Let’s Look At the Cost of A Bathroom Renovation Tiers

As a general rule, bathroom renovation costs can be broken down into three brackets – basic, standard, and premium. For each of these levels, you get different levels of finishes and services, as we have highlighted below:

Basic Renovations or Refurbishments:


In this price bracket for bathroom renovations, you’re getting a simple cosmetic makeover. This means low-cost fixtures and fittings, and keeping some or all of the original tiles. A basic bathroom refurbishment includes:

    • Avoid moving plumbing
    • Electrical points left unchanged
    • Framed shower screen
    • Standard toilet installations
    • Keeping original tiles, but freshening them up with a grout replacement

Standard Renovations


This price bracket generally suits an average-sized bathroom renovation. It will be possible to make some electrical and plumbing alterations but nothing too significant. It’s also an opportunity to add a:

    • Freestanding bath
    • A new vanity
    • Floor and wall tiles
    • All new tapware and bathroom fittings

Premium Renovations & Remodelling


There is nothing much better than renovating a bathroom on a premium budget. In this price bracket, it’s possible to undertake a complete overhaul that enables you to enjoy many luxuries, such as:

    • Frameless shower screens
    • New plumbing and electrical
    • Wall-hung vanity
    • Underfloor heating
    • Quality tile choices
    • Change the layout of the bathroom

What Influences Bathroom Renovation Costs?

When you begin listing everything that you need for a bathroom renovation, the average cost begins to rise rapidly. From a bath and toilet to holders and extractor fans, the choices continue to add dollars to the cost of the bathroom renovation.

Some of the biggest influences on the total cost are the following:


Size of Your Bathroom

When you look at costs per square metre, the size of your bathroom will be largely influential on the cost of the average cost bathroom renovation. The bigger the space the more you will pay for materials and labour. The materials you choose will matter in a big space, which means if you are on a limited budget, you may need to compromise some of your choices.

Bathroom Floor

Although bathroom tiles are the easiest to maintain, you can expect to pay a tiler between $75 and $120 per square meter. It is an aspect that is better done by a professional; however, if you’re looking to save a little money, removing the old flooring yourself will save on how much you output.

An aspect to note is that laying mosaic or subway tiles is going to cost more per square meter because they take longer.

Shower Enclosures

Different types of shower screens will affect bathroom renovation cost. For those looking at a basic renovation budget, a framed shower screen is going to cost less to install at around $800 than choosing semi frameless shower screen or a completely frameless shower screen where installation is in the range of $1000 to $1500.

Structural Changes

Structural changes not only add time to your bathroom renovations, but they can also be costly and aren’t recommended at the basic costing level. For those with a standard and premium budget renovation, there is more money to work with for anything that’s structural.

Tips for Planning With A Budget for Bathroom Renovations

Tip 1: Tile only if necessary

Budgeting tiles into the full renovation costs can dramatically influence what you expect to pay. If you can choose a different choice for your walls or use large tiles. Removing existing tiles means removing the existing tiles, waterproofing, bedding and most often sheeting.

Tip 2: Choose quality plumbing fixtures

Although your choice of fixtures will influence your budget, it’s essential they are durable, so they are long-lasting. It may mean you spend more on your large or small bathroom renovation, but it’s a long-term investment worth making.

Tip 3: Change bathroom vanity hardware & light fittings

If you’re looking at making small differences in the cost of bathroom renovation, keeping your floor-mounted vanity and adding new paint and hardware will transform the look of your space. In addition, changing the light fittings is a simple yet effective way to elevate a rooms look and feel.

How to Estimate the Average Cost of Bathroom Renovations

Many people ask us how much does a bathroom cost to renovate? We always explain it will vary depending on their needs, but there are two effective ways to estimate renovation cost. The first is to contact us at Batts Bathrooms to project manage for you, where we are up-to-date with what trades are asking, the price of plumbing fixtures, the current market price of wall tiles and more.

Otherwise, we recommend looking first at what your bathroom renovation budget is and ticking off what’s most essential and using our guide to decide what is within your price range.

Demolition: $2,000
Carpentry: Walls, Floors, Framing $4,000
Waterproofing:    $750
Tiling: $4,000
Plumbing: $3,000
Electrical (GPO’s, Lights, Fanlight): $2,000
Cost of materials/ bathroom fittings: $5,000


Choose Batts Bathrooms for Best Bathroom Renovation Cost

Does your bathroom need a makeover? You can trust our expert team at BATS Bathrooms, who are on hand to renovate at a cost that works within your price range. We do anything from budget renovation to those more luxurious, never compromising on the high level of workmanship we deliver.

We love meeting people, so contact us for an obligation-free quote so we can take the worry out of your renovation.

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